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Most of these features can only be used in ' HTML View ' mode, nor can you switch to ' Writing view ' mode while using some…

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NS DESIGN BLOGGER TEMPLATE Redesign By Mustakim [Version 2.0] Short Details For Ns Design Template Designer Jago Design Redesigne…

How to Create Responsive Cookie Consent Notice Widget in Blogge

As to European Union laws, if your blog has visitors from the EU, in that case, you may need to give information about Cookies and obtain co…

Add Anti AdBlocker to your Blogger Website

Hello Friends. Today, I am going to explain how you can add Anti AdBlocker to your Blogger Website. Anti AdBlocker is necessary to put on your…

How to Disable Copy Content from Blogger

Do you want to shield your internet site content material from being copied? Right here in this article, we're going to find out how you can…

How to Add Click Ripple Effect in Blogger Website

Introduction: Click ripple effect  A click ripple effect can add depth and interactivity to your site. It's a subtle effect, but it can mak…

Age Calculator Script for Blogger Website

Introduction: What is an Age Calculator? An age calculator is a simple tool that can be used to calculate your age. All you need to do is input…


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