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    How To Create a Full Width Page and Remove Sidebar

    Wanna learn how to create a complete-width page in a blogger weblog and take away its sidebar. Being a blogger consumer, now and again your idea to create a complete web page having no sidebar that looks greater professional. If you are thinking of a blogger platform you could neither cover a sidebar nor can create a full-width page? Then the answer is: blogger is not a flexible platform though, with the assist of XML and CSS we are able to eliminate the sidebar and may even increase the width without facing difficulties by any means.

    You will often have a contact us web page or about me web page even though some of them have advertised our web page on their blog/ web sites then you can feel a big distinction among these and regular pages. The main intention at the back of increasing the width and hiding sidebar on positive pages is to convert your blog right into an excellent-looking internet site. If you are wondering to stretch the width of your website by using putting off the sidebar, then you definitely have landed at the right destination because nowadays we can find out how to create a complete-width web page in a blogger blog and remove its sidebar to make it more professional and draws loads of traffic.

    Where And Why We Should Use Full Width In Pages?

    Earlier than we could leap onto our educational, let us first quick rap up, wherein we are able to utilize the whole-width pages. Now you could have seen those WordPress websites which use stretched in size, whenever they need to feature infographics to their posts. In that equal manner, you could either use them in approximately us or market it here pages, so that you can gain maximum attraction from your every vacationer. Let's begin the tutorial.

    How To Create a Full Width Page and Remove Sidebar On Blogger?

    1. Go to > Add a new page
    2. Now select HTML tab on Blogger post editor
    3. Paste the following CSS bottom of your page content
    <style>#sidebar-wrapper, #midsidebar-wrapper, .gapad2, .blog-pager, .post-header-line-1, .post-footer { display:none !important;} #main-wrapper { width:98%!important;} .post { width:98%!important; }</style>
    4. Replace width: 98% accroding to your needs

    Additional Hints: If you want to exclude titles from a sure web page, then simply paste the following code earlier than </style> within the above coding. Bots and crawlers will hold to fetch your name, however, human site visitors will now not view them because with the assist of CSS we've got hid them.
    .post-title, .post-labels, post-icons, post-author {display:none!important;}
    5. Now put up it and then visit your website to witness a really perfect full-width web page without a sidebar.


    So the above manual is about a way to create a full-width page and cast off the sidebar in blogger?  If have any difficulties for the duration of this education then don’t hesitate to drop your comments. Share this post with your buddies and write your feedback about this publication in the comment container. Till then peace advantages and glad stretching.

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